Free Lula

A worker in the steel industry, and trade unionist, Lula became the president of the trade union of steel workers, and meticulously built an extremely successful political career.

In 2002 he was elected president of Brazil, one of the most important emerging markets. Maybe destiny played a trick, he was the one who promoted the major strikes during Brazil’s atrocious dictatorship, which contributed of the fall of the illegitimate regime.

His presidency was a huge success, both in economic terms and social terms, he tripled the per capita income and reduced poverty massively.

And this is what they didn’t forgive him, he was condemned to 25 years in jail for corruption charges in a country, where, every since the colony, nothing is clean, except for Lula.

The truth is, they couldn’t beat him at the polls, so they had to jail him.

Another déjà vu of Kafka’s ‘Process’.


For the freedom of Lula

In a country, where, ever since the colony, nothing was clean, the only clean person was Lula.

The sinister pimp.

There was once a sinister pimp, in his house only he had a voice, and you had to say what he mandated you to say. However, he was so cynical that he stole what you wrote or said. He obviously never said anything original, he only repeated what you said or wrote.

I believe that for every soul there is another soul. You only have to look for it, and I think that you’ll stumble over her only by chance.

Some people think they can judge your path. The sinister pimp was one of them.

Soul of mine, where are you? Tonight the night is dark and the stars fall from the sky.

In some places you have nothing to look for. That is the past.

Only memories hold us back.



Memories of exile

Everybody knows how terribly painful exile is.

Exile is maybe more painful than the road to exile.

Memories from the past help you not to fall apart.

You end up living in the past.

Because the past becomes your only asylum.

The present is misery.

The future? Who knows…..

Many things are unforgivable.

Death? No death is not unforgivable, you can even die in style.

What’s truly unforgivable is a bad movie, a bad book, bad music, that’s unforgivable.